Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Comission Directory

This resource is probably better known than the comitology document register, but I do come across Brussels insiders who don't know about it. Regardless, it would certainly be of interest to outsiders who want to get hold of the right official.

I am not aware of any such directory for a national administration; if any readers are, I'd love to hear about it.

The Directory's best feature is its hierarchical structure. You can start at the Commission level, work down through the Directorate-General, the Directorate, and then the unit. But you can also search for officials whose names you know in the name search.


This is not quite the same as IDEA, which is the online directory for all EU institutions, and has similar functionality. IDEA will only take you down to the Head of Unit level. Also helpful for most enquiries, since the Head of Unit's office can pass you on to the relevant official, but not much use if you really want to talk to an official privately.

Next step? Email addresses...

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