Thursday, July 26, 2007


One of the real gems of the Brussels Blogosphere is Berlaymonster, which adopts an irreverent and unashamedly humourous (and often critical) take on EU affairs. The best story on the main page at the time of writing is about the Commission's PR assault on the online world via YouTube, or, more precisely, EUtube. Most of the talk about the promotional material available on EUtube has been generated by the sexually explicit images taken from European films (subsidised by the EU).

How can you not love Berlaymonster when you read such priceless gags as:

"I always wondered what Ever Closer Union meant. That's pretty close."

"Aha, United in Perversity."

"Oof, he's no candidate for enlargement is he..."

"Well SHE clearly met the entry requirements."

"Is that what you call a horizontal strategy?"

And Berlaymonster asks for further submissions, so here's mine: "What ever happened to the precautionary principle?"

Great stuff.

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