Monday, July 30, 2007

Centre for European Reform

One of the best EU think tanks, the Centre for European Reform runs a good-quality blog, which they populate with challenging opinions from their staff. Like Caroline Lucas' blog, the postings are perhaps fewer and further between than they might be, but CER does at least produce its thoughts in written form, if not on their blog, very regularly and frequently.

The blog looks at some of the big EU issues, such as the Constitutional Treaty (now the Reform Treaty), the EU's Middle East policy, the prospects for Turkish membership, and more. I'd like to see more postings on economic policy and on hot issues like data protection and privacy, but maybe that just reflects my personal bias. After all, they do plenty of excellent work in these areas (see their publications on competitiveness and on Justice & Home Affairs), so it's not like they don't have anything to say.

Perhaps motivation is low because of the low level of comments (to be fair, at the time of writing they're doing a lot better than I am on that score, but I'm still very new!). Chicken or egg?

Anyway, what they do post is of high quality, and I enjoy reading them from time to time.

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